The Nimitz Class Aircraft Carriers are a class of ten nuclear-powered aircraft carriers in service with the United States Navy. More details

HMS Queen Elizabeth Aircraft Carrier is the largest warship ever built for the Royal Navy and capable of carrying up to forty V/STOL aircraft. More details

Liaoning Aircraft Carrier is the first aircraft carrier commissioned into the People's Liberation Army Navy Surface Force in China. More details

The Russian Admiral Kuznetsov is an aircraft cruiser (heavy aircraft-carrying missile cruiser, or TAVKR, in Russian classification). More details

Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier is the flagship of the French Navy and the largest western European warship currently in commission. More details

INS Vikramaditya is a modified Kiev-class aircraft carrier which entered into service with the Indian Navy in 2013. It has a displacement of 45,400 tons. More details

USS America (LHA-6) aircraft carrier is the fourth American warship to be named for the United States of America, It has a displacement of 45,000 tons. More details

Cavour (550) is an Italian aircraft carrier and the newest flagship of the Italian Navy (Marina Militare). It has a displacement of 27,900 tons. More details

Juan Carlos I aircraft carrier is a multi-purpose warship in the Spanish Navy (Armada Española).It has a displacement of 27,079 tons. More details

Gerald R. Ford class is a class of supercarrier being built to replace some of the United States Navy's existing Nimitz class carriers. More details

São Paulo (A12) was a Clemenceau-class aircraft carrier in service with the Brazilian Navy. It was first commissioned in 1963. More details

The Type 001A aircraft carrier is a first generation Chinese aircraft carrier that was launchedfor the People's Liberation Army Navy of China. More details