Cavour (550) Aircraft Carrier - Italy:

Cavour (550) Aircraft Carrier
Cavour is an Italian aircraft carrier and the newest flagship of the Italian Navy (Marina Militare). She is named after the Italian statesman and politician Camillo Benso, conte di Cavour. Cavour was laid down by Fincantieri on 17 July 2001, and she was launched from the Riva Trigoso shipyard in Sestri Levante, on 20 July 2004. Sea trials began in December 2006, and she was officially commissioned 27 March 2008. Full Operational Capability (FOC) was reached 10 June 2009. Cavour has a displacement of 27,900 tons but can reach more than 30,000 tons at full military capacity, after improvements done in 2008. More details